The Practice

WH’s mobile practice has aligned itself with the world’s leading Digital Financial Services (DFS). We help our clients think, launch, revisit, enrich and constantly expand their DFS “Mobility Initiative”.

WH’s partnerships bring unparalleled on-ground knowledge through direct involvement in over 20 different projects around the world. No two markets or countries are the same. We believe that each market is unique and requires an innovative approach.

Doing it Right

Maintaining customer interest and driving business growth is an everyday job. It requires constant monitoring, building a meaningful view of the business and making informed tactical adjustments.

WH and its partners can help deliver several monitoring tools:

360° review & recommendations:

  • Value proposition assessment: brand recognition, product understanding, product use, price perception and user experience.
  • Pricing review: pricing structure benchmarking and competitiveness assessment.
  • Distribution review: agent location map, agent to customer ratio, agent compensation, commission structure benchmarking and assessment.
  • Organizational assessment: organizational readiness and alignment to defined growth objectives.
  • Detailed actionable recommendations for each area to improve the business
  • Quarterly reviews (2 reports per quarter) to measure and demonstrate the impact of our recommendations

DFS monthly dashboard:

  • Customer usage and agent metrics, KPI definition
  • Production of a monthly dashboard that highlights the pulse of the business

Filling in the Gaps

WH is not interested in providing the typical DFS that normally start as a transactional business. The typical DFS provide foundational services (we call it DFS 1.0) such as person-to-person transfers, bill payment, top-up purchase and in some cases merchant payments. WH, on the other hand, believes that the real value of DFS will only be unlocked when it is ultimately used for the distribution of innovative products and more sophisticated financial products that really meet the needs of the consumers. This is exactly WH’s DFS version referred to as DFS 2.0.

WH and its partners can help innovate and strengthen value proposition by providing:

Product innovation:

  • Market research to understand the financial needs and behaviors of clients
  • Development of new products such as micro-savings, micro-insurance and micro-credit based on identified client’s needs
  • Partnership recommendations
  • Implementation support
  • Customer education program

Market intelligence:

Quarterly 1-pager on international experiences and innovation in the DFS space to keep our clients abreast of industry developments

Growing it

Suitability is key when it comes to implementing DFS.  WH believes it is just as much crucial to expanding beyond traditional consumer segments to serve the needs of other industries than it is vital to have a reason for launching DFS.  The universe of potential applications is large. The challenge is to find the right opportunity at the right time. The shortcomings of the current market situation provide a wide range of opportunities to tap into. To name a few: governments are facing challenges in disbursing social payments to their beneficiaries; distribution companies are incurring high costs/risks for collecting payments from their point of sales; health institutions are seeking ways to improve patient consultation payments; other industries such as agriculture would gain significant efficiency by applying mobile/digital payments and order placement within their supply chains.

WH and its partners can help their clients broaden their horizon and expand into industry applications by providing:

Expansion strategy:

  • Identification of key ‘payment gaps’ in various industries
  • Design of industry-specific products and value propositions
  • Implementation management

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